The Content Shockwave is a live 11 Day Bootcamp designed to help you produce a Signature Video Series for your social media platforms - even if you're brand new to being on-camera, if you have no idea where to start or what to talk about, and in a way where you won't come across like you've got an ego or flaunting and other B.S. we see plague social media. 

It is hosted inside a Private Facebook community where you can tap into the power of peer-learning and accountability. 

Each day Megan will deliver your training via LIVE video training in this private group. If you cannot view or attend "live" the replay of each session will be available inside the group. 

You will have everything you need to 'attend' and go forth and make it happen.

Here's A Glimpse At What's Included:

  • 11 Daily Challenges (video replays available if you cannot tune in live): We're going to take you step-by-step towards finding your voice and a framework you can rely on to confidently produce your very own Signature Message video series for use on your social media platforms.
  • Group Accountability: Stack momentum from the daily challenges with real-time accountability.
  • Guest Appearances: Meet Video Warriors who have created their own video content - they share how they overcame the fear of putting themselves out there and how it's helped build their brand and positioning.
  • ​BONUS Zoom Call: For those who complete "Day 10: The Moment Of Truth" challenge - Megan will be interviewing Marcus Rideout about how he approached 2 years of weekly content for YouTube AND you'll get a sneak peek into a brand new 6 month content roadmap he's developing right now.

    This is stuff he has not shared with anyone in the Video Warrior community + there's a live QnA at the end so you can ask and get questions about YOUR content roadmap answered too.

By the end of this 11 Day Bootcamp you will have unlocked the confidence in yourself (tapped into your identity and your "Voice"), crushed limiting beliefs and self-doubt around your ability to create engaging content, AND you will have the framework to shoot, edit, and release your very own signature message content series for your social media accounts.

Enrollment Ends In:

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How It Works + What Will I Experience During The 11 Day Bootcamp?

Day 1 - The "First Date": Asking a video person to appear on camera is kinda like going on a first date. Either it'll be a ton of fun or really awkward. This day's lesson is all around learning how to embrace the feeling of being "on-camera" so you're not all in your head and making it awkward for your viewers.
Day 2 - Know Thyself: One of the hardest parts of trying to get started creating your own content is around how to behave and act on camera. Copying doesn't get you very far - you're always playing 'catch up' rather than innovating. The goal of today's lesson is to help you learn exactly who YOU are so you can speak from a place of authenticity rather than be another cookie cutter persona. 

Day 3 - The Fire Challenge: This exercise was one of the most powerful experiences we had while working with videographers in the past. We're going to turn up the heat on the things that have held you back, shine a light on the 'little voice' in the back of your head that's kept you from shining your light into the world, so you can move into your content creation gameplan with total confidence.

Day 4 - The Brain Dump: If you're anything like us, getting started with making videos can be super intimidating. There could be so many ideas, so many directions you want to take... or maybe you don't even have a clue on how to get started.  Megan will walk you through what we refer to as the Ideation Phase of content creation so you will have a sense of purpose and direction to use as a lens to filter all of your content ideas through.

Day 5 - The Authority Content Framework: We're going to reveal our 5-step structure so you can effortlessly create engaging 5 minute livestreams that was designed to help you remove the feeling of not knowing where to go once the camera is rolling. (Note: You will not be limited to 5 minute pieces of content - this framework tends to work best for 5-15 minute pieces of content - however if you're just getting started, there's nothing wrong with keeping it shorter).

Day 5 - 7 - The Livestream Challenge: By now you've tapped into a better idea of what resonates with you - what topics and concepts matter to you for sharing with your audience - and each day Megan will walk you through a specific "Livestream" action challenge designed to help cement the ideas (and kill the butterflies of nervousness for those who have never been in front of the lens before).

Day 8 - Defining Your Ideal Client Avatar: This day is all about getting clear on who you're interested in resonating with your content. You can't make something that will please everyone, so you might as well go "all-in" on defining who you'd like to spend your time with.

Day 9 - Pick A Name: If there's one thing that tends to hold us creatives back it's coming up with the name for our themed show. Megan's going to walk you through the best way to approach naming your content series. 

Day 10 - The Moment Of Truth: This day is special. Block your calendar to be free this day. :-) 

Day 11 - The Wrap Party: We want to make the time to celebrate your epic journey and also make sure you feel "set up" and confident to move forward with your series after the Bootcamp ends. This is where we get to have a big Zoom party and experience that transformations we've all gone through during our time together.

We will also choose a winner for who we feel went through the most noticeable shift from their time with us and how they now carry themselves compared to when they first started. Will it be you?


For those who complete Day 10 - The Moment Of Truth: Megan will host a BONUS Zoom video call and interview Marcus Rideout on how he went about creating 2 years of weekly content for the Video Warrior YouTube channel as well as get insights into the upcoming 6 month content strategy he's building RIGHT NOW.

For those who complete the Day 10 experience, you will be invited to participate in the conversation and we will make sure to leave room at the end for QnA so you can get any questions you want answered about approaching your content series from Marcus.

Meet Your Instructor

Meet Your Instructor

Megan Turner was hand-picked to host this Bootcamp challenge not only because she hosts her own successful video content series, but because her ability to be authentic was made possible by a challenge quite like this one. 

Megan is a member of the Video Warrior Inner Circle & continues to be one of the most enthusiastic go-getters in the Video Warrior tribe. 

Her generosity has helped so many in the community and her ability to help get to the 'core issue' of what's holding fellow Video Warriors back is what sets her apart.
She Cares. 
She Makes it Happen. 
She Knows Her Shit. 

Do You Have A Refund Policy For The Content Shockwave?

Due to the nature of this being a Live 11 Day Bootcamp we are unable to offer refunds for The Content Shockwave as Megan's time is tied directly to the experience. 

We have measures in place so if you have to miss any of the daily events or are unable to attend (ie: if a client project comes up or an emergency). You will have access to the replays of each day's live training as well as the Content Shockwave September 2020 community even after the 11 days are up. 

If you choose to enroll make sure you are in a position to be able to do so.

If anything stops you from being able to 'take action' during the 11 days you can still go through the entire process by watching the replays from each day's challenge.

The Big Idea

If we are going to sell video and expect others to believe in the power of video, we must practice what we preach: We must master our own content creation.

This 11-Day Challenge represents the transition in your life from just "talking ABOUT video", 
to fully embodying it. 

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